Viridis Power

Viridis Power

Our corporate mission is to enhance the security of the UK’s energy supply

Since our inception in 2009, we have been at the forefront of the changes in the energy market, mitigating the many and varied challenges presented by the UK’s energy transition. Viridis Power was one of the first companies to enter into long-term contracts with National Grid to build new balancing plant, one of the first to commission such plant and one of the first to build a new gas-fired power plant under the Capacity Market.

Our highly flexible power generation enables the growth in low-carbon generation to continue, while addressing the rising concerns around future energy security.


Viridis Power successfully and efficiently built out 15 gas powered plants, distributed throughout the UK, to support National Grid in its objective of managing and balancing the increasing energy supply from intermittent renewable sources.

Our power plants are able to react in seconds to demand requests from National Grid to assist in the continuous balancing requirements of secure energy supply.

Viridis Power combines our asset optimisation business (GFP Trading Ltd), our management services business (GFPII Ltd) & our 323MW gas reciprocating engine business (Viridis 178 Ltd) under one brand name. This structure will allow Viridis Power to focus on and take advantage of the many opportunities presented in the rapidly changing UK power market.

National Grid relies on Viridis Power to help balance the energy supply and demand requirements of the UK

15 distributed power generation sites throughout the UK

Full ramping capability in seconds to provide highly flexible generation