Viridis Power


A dynamic route to market in an ever changing industry

Viridis Power has built an in-house trading and commercial platform to dispatch its generation capacity effectively and efficiently to maximise its contribution to the Grid in its endeavours to balance power supply and demand.


The Commercial Team comprises traders who control and dispatch the plant throughout the trading day and the Data Science team who provide detailed analytical analysis to support and guide the trading strategies. A risk management function overlays and monitors the trading activity.

The UK power markets are highly developed and ever changing, with constant regulatory adjustments  influencing the economics of power generation throughout the sector. Viridis Power’s Commercial Team is an essential tool to develop and adapt commercial strategies to match this volatility, which is only likely to increase with the transition to a low carbon economy.

The Team skilfully trades electricity and natural gas through spot and futures markets whilst capitalising 100% on National Grid’s balancing mechanism market and maximising revenues from UK Grid’s ancillary services.